A conference space designed for discussion.

Throughout his years of attending industry conferences, Ross Marino (the creator of Excel 401(k) and an actively producing advisor) found that it's all too difficult to have meaningful conversations in the traditional big-booth, cornered-off exhibit halls at most national conferences. Our conference space is strategically crafted in a way that is unlike any other conference, and designed to foster the most valuable conversations and connections possible.


What makes the difference?

Advisor Lounges

Everyone loves a comfy place to sit down and talk, so we're adding numerous "advisor lounges" in the Conversation Center. Come have a seat and network away.

Exhibit Tables

Our exhibit hall is completely open and relaxed. Instead of monster booths and signage, you can expect low-profile exhibit tables from our partners.

Tech and Tools Lab

Enjoy 15-minute presentations highlighting the people and products on the cutting edge of our industry. Engage in lively discussions, interactive demos, and Q&A sessions.