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Sponsored Session Process


Step 1) Session Type Assigned

Our agenda committee will contact you with your session type (breakout, panel, etc.; see below).


Step 2) Decide on Session Topic

Please send your session topic to as soon as possible. Your session topic is a very general description of your session, not the session title: for example, "marketing", "the DOL", or "cash balance plans".


Step 3) Submit session information

This includes the title, description, and speaker information


Step 4) Make sure that the speaker is registered for the conference

All speakers from your company must be registered using your discount code. If the speaker does not work for the sponsoring company, they may register on their own.


Step 5) Submit session presentation

All presentations must be a powerpoint file (.ppt) in the standard 4:3 size. Final presentations are due by Monday, October 2nd.


Trey Dowdy, EVP Sales & Operations

(910) 338-2659

Session Information


To view all current sessions (not schedule) click here. The online schedule will be updated weekly, and can be found on the Excel 401(k) website.



Sessions Available Based on Sponsor Level










Available Breakout Session Sponsorships:


General/Keynote Session

An hour-long session in front of the entire conference, our most valuable session slot. With only two general sessions available, these are reserved for Platinum sponsors only.


Super Session Partnership

Our Super Sessions were some of our highest rated sessions led by the brightest minds in the industry. This sponsorship includes partnering with one of these experts to create a truly valuable session.


45min Breakout Session

A simple 45-min time slot for your value-adding content. Use a speaker from your company, or pull from an outside source.


45min Panel (Sponsor-Controlled)

This session includes full control over a 45min panel. This could mean choosing the content, moderator, and speakers.


35min - 45min Panel (Participation)

The options here are endless: moderate a top-advisor panel, partner with advisors for a 45min TED Talk session, sit on a topic-specific panel, assist in value-adding content creation, or come up with a custom agreement for your participation.


30min Breakout Session

A simple 35-min time slot for your value-adding content. Use a speaker from your company, or pull from an outside source.


Tech & Tools Lab

Host a 15-minute tech & tools demo session in the Exhibit Hall. These are short, but extremely valuable sessions for both sponsors and attendees.



Session Content


Session Content

All session content must be strictly value-add. Company promotions, product-pushes, etc. may only be included at the end of sponsored sessions and may NOT take up more than 10% of the total presentations time.


Content Approval

Session content is subject to review by our agenda committee, and any presentation may be rejected at their discretion. For more information about session guidelines and for content suggestions based on last year's feedback, please contact:


Trey Dowdy, EVP Sales & Operations

(910) 338-2659

Topic & Speaker Information


Session Topic

Your session topic selection must be made by Thursday, August 22nd, submitted to Based on the current agenda, a session topic may be suggested to you, or your preferred topic may be rejected. Please be aware of this, and make your selection in enough time to prepare a proper presentation.



Session and Speaker Details

Session information is due by Tuesday, September 12th, and Speaker information is due by Wednesday, September 13th. Information submitted through the submit assets page may be updated any time prior to October 5th by contacting

After Thursday, October 5th, no adjustments may be made to your session information that will be reflected in print materials. Online materials may be updated based upon the date submitted and situation.



Session & Speaker Deadlines:

  • 8/22 | Session topic due
  • 9/12 | Session information due
  • 9/13 | Speaker information due
  • 9/26 | Presentations due
  • 10/5 | Final change deadline for printed materials



Presentation Submission

All presentations must be a powerpoint file (.ppt) in the standard 16:9 size. Final presentations are due by Monday, October 2nd and may be submitted through our Submit Assets page or below

*Please bring a 2nd copy of your presentation to your session on a USB drive.



Audio/Visual Equipment

All breakout rooms will be equipped with a  laptop, presentation clicker, projector and screen, sound-system, hand-held microphone, podium, and large flipchart pad with pens.


You MUST use the laptop and other equipment that is provided for your presentation, and may not switch out any of the equipment for your own.



Contact one of our team members below.


Caroline Jacokes, Conference Manager

(910) 795-0490


Sponsorship opportunities:

Bryant Lester, Head of Business Development

(910) 795-1373


National accounts and agenda information:

Trey Dowdy, EVP Sales & Operations

(910) 338-2659